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June 2019 Update

Women’s Conference in Yakima was a wonderful experience this year. Katrina Williams was our missionary speaker and spoke about the Williams’ time in The Democratic Republic of Congo and their new assignment, beginning in August, in Thailand. The special conference offering was designation to build a classroom at the school where the Williams’ children will attend. The rooms are simple cinder block and cost approximately $3000 per room. The school is hoping to add 18 classrooms to the facility. Much of the original school was demolished because of a road project. Our region women collected over $4600 toward this project. Overall giving to conference through other offerings was over $6000. Attendance was just under 100 women, mostly from this side of the state, but Janice Holcomb, Julie Comstock, Merletta Roberts and I enjoyed renewing friendship with women from our sister churches and meeting new friends.

Our last meeting for the program year will be Wednesday, June 12, meeting at the church at 11:30 am to carpool to Carolyn Adams’ home on Boston Harbor for our annual salad potluck. Please bring a salad to share. You will have time after lunch to walk on the beach or just sit and visit. There will also be a brief business meeting.

Looking Ahead

We have received a number of boxes of items for our annual Christmas Treasure Room in December. However, we have TOO MANY ITEMS at this point for the 160 women who come to the Brunch/Treasure Room to buy so… We are going to have a sale, open to the public, on Saturday, September 21st in the Fellowship Hall. 

However, Friday night (Sept. 20), from 6 – 8 pm, members of the church may come and have “first pick” of all the treasures! You may remember that we had a similar sale a few years ago that was very successful. So, if you are cleaning out closets and cabinets this summer, please let me know. We would love to have your new or gently used items for our sale!

With Deep Appreciation

For several years Terry Whitehouse and I have been coordinating the luncheons after memorial services, wedding receptions and wedding/baby showers. Terry has been the “in the kitchen” person for these events making sure that the food and beverages kept coming from the kitchen and coordinating the clean up. She has also been the first to arrive and start coffee, etc. Terry is a wonderful and faithful helper, always willing to “jump in” and do whatever needed to be done. 

However Terry is no longer able to be my “sidekick.” I will miss her terribly as will our women’s group. She has provided her homemade apple pies for our meetings in the fall for several years. For one of our meetings Terry brought a loom and showed us how she creates the beautiful woven scarves, hand cloths, etc. Beyond that, she has been a friend, inviting me out for coffee or lunch during the dark days after Dale passed away and still continues to reach out to me. She has been a friend to others in the congregation as well. I speak for all the women in our group in saying a big “thank you” to Terry for her service and faithfulness.