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Traditional Worship Services | Every Sunday at 10 am

Traditional Worship Services | Every Sunday at 10 am

Traditional Worship Services | Every Sunday at 10 am Traditional Worship Services | Every Sunday at 10 am



February 2020 Update

There are a million stories that could be told about the years of service by Madge Ellis, who passed away on January 21st. Melodee Morton, Madge's daughter, reminded me of the time when we were in high school serving Easter Breakfast and a couple of the high school boys cut out sergeant stripes and taped them on Madge's dress. They referred to her as "Sarge" for keeping things in order and moving - which was no small task with a large bunch of teenagers to manage!

She has been my "counsel" since she and Julie Comstock were co-presidents of ABWM before me, as Madge was always willing to talk and help me with ideas and provide assistance in any way she could. So many stories and so many places to fill.

Jan Downen will now be calling for cakes for Table Grace - thank you, Jan! Madge has been one of my regular cookie supplies for memorial luncheons and Judy Hildebrandt said she would love to make cookies - thank you, Judy! I so appreciate the faithfulness of the women to step up and help where there are needs. Thank you!

- - 

At our February 12th meeting, we will be tying fleece blankets that will be given to the Adoption/Foster Care Closet. We have 8 blankets to tie, so we need a lot of helpers! This is a "sit down" activity, so come and be a part of the group. We gather at noon for a sack lunch. Beverages and dessert will be provided. Eva Davis is also making baby blankets (with a satin trim), so we will have lots of warmth to give to the Closet after our meeting. And our diaper donation to the Closet went up considerably with the addition 1200 diapers from the Nancy Room! That brings our Diaper Depot total to over 4500 diapers! Thank you so much to all who contributed.

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Save the date! Saturday, April 4th at 2:00 pm we'll have a Ladies' Tea including a historical clothing display entitled, "Beauty and Duty" which celebrates women in careers - starting with a 1898 school teacher! Clothing will be on dress forms and will include nurses, flight attendants, military, Red Cross, present day fire fighters and others. Merletta Roberts is bringing the devotional.

If you would like to provide a center piece (fresh flowers and/or other small items from another era) please contact Jean Heidal. The cost will be $3 per person. Tickets will be available in mid-March.