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August 2019 Update

A couple months ago I announced that we will be having a sale in the Fellowship Hall on Saturday, September 21th. The sale will be open to the public that day. However, church members are invited to come to a “premiere opening” on Friday evening to have first choice of all the treasures that will be available. We already have a number of items to sell, but we are hoping for a lot more! Start going through closets and cupboards now! Box things up and I will come and pick them up if you are unable to get them to church! We want to have everything here from arranging and pricing by Wednesday, Sept. 18th. Workers are being recruited now, so be prepared for a call to come and help.

Thank you to all who helped with the Dr. Joe Alexanian memorial luncheon. We got compliments on everything from the tablecloths to the rolls on the table! Thank you for the salads and cookies and helpers! The family and friends of the Alexanians were very appreciative of this time to sit, share a meal, and visit with the family.

Enjoy your summer days and know that you are appreciated for your support of Women’s Ministries!