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December 2019 Update

The Women's Christmas Brunch is fast approaching! This year the brunch will be held on Saturday, December 14th, at 10:30 am in the Fellowship Hall. The doors open at 9:30 am so you can visit with your friends, have a cup of coffee and do some "shopping" in the Cookie Room. All the details have been included in the Sunday bulletins and it promises to be a great time. Carolyn von Gohren will play some Christmas melodies as we gather, Sandi Swarthout will present a program of Christmas music, Carol Sutton (from Seattle) is bringing the devotional thought and several of our young ladies will read a Christ-mas story. There will also be a presentation to "Three Wise Women." It's a great way to focus on Christmas which we celebrate!

And speaking of Cookies... It's time to pull out those Christmas cookie recipes and start baking. We need lots of cookies for our "Cookie Room" sale. These are a big hit each year. Even a small batch would be appreciated. Please be sure to mark the kind of cookie you are bringing and if they have nuts. If you would like to help bake cookies we will be in the church kitchen in Thursday, December 12th, at 10 am. Come join us! Bring your ingredients and make the dough at church or bring the dough and we will "bake together." This has been a fun event in past years so come join us. If you have questions regarding the Cookie Room please contact Dixie Mize.

Diapers... At our November meeting Jane Van Deventer shared her experience as a foster mother for the past 39 years! Jane, and her husband, Neal, have also adopted several children, some who were originally in their foster care. It was a riv-eting story of love and caring that Jane & Neal have provided for babies/children in their home. In addition, we were able to send home with Jane 1966 diapers from our collection. About 300 more diapers came in on November 17th so we may make a total of 2500 by the end of the month. Thank you to all who have contributed.

In January, we will have our "Ladies' Night Out" event. Plans are being worked out at this time -- watch for details in the upcoming bulletins and January newsletter.

Thank you all for your support of Women's Ministries! It's such a privilege to work with such a caring congregation.