This Week at First Baptist

March 19th

6 pm Mission Board Meeting in the Fireside Room

March 20th

6:30 pm Trustee’s Meeting in Room 102

March 21st

9 am Bible Study in the Fireside Room

7 pm Choir

March 23rd 

You are invited to explore our American Baptist regional connections from 9am to Noon and breakfast will be served!

At this gathering:

• We will learn about our connections to the larger American Baptist family

• We will discuss what it means to be affiliated with a region

• We will explore our options for affiliation

• We will listen attentively to one another


• We will not vote on anything

• We will not push anyone into any group

• We will not debate or try to convince others as to what is “right”

Our goals are to clarify what regional affiliation means and to present the choices we have