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Traditional Worship Services | Every Sunday at 10 am



What We Value


We believe in community and  the power of belonging to something bigger that yourself.  We believe  that once one becomes immersed in the life of the community they begin  to take on the values and character of that community. Emmaus is grounded in the way of Jesus, so we take on those values and character that Christ lived out and demonstrated as we build relationships with one another and the world around us.


Discipleship is another way of talking and living out the value of  "belonging." Becoming is the work we put into our relationship with God and others. It's the real-life love that we intentionally display to  one another as well as those we encounter each and every day at  home, work and play.


Belief is one of those tricky words because it often signifies a set  of doctrinal statements; a way of gaining access into the community.  Belief for us, however, is a dynamic lived reality; a visible way of putting the words of our mouths into concrete action. It is easy to say  that one believes in forgiveness, it is much harder to put that belief  into practice. But we believe that God's Spirit plays a huge role in making that happen in real and practical ways.



Transformation is  another way of saying "re-living!" What the bible calls being a "new  creation." This is the work that God does to us in our belonging, becoming and believing, through the relational love of Christ in our lives. It is the life-long journey with Jesus through the mysterious guidance of God's Spirit that can make this re-living in our spiritual lives with God and one another.